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Trend Micro Industrial Endpoint Security
ICS purpose-built security simplifies operations without impacting performance


Scan malware on devices with prohibited software installation

Regular malware check or quarantine without software installation

Scan malware on distributed offline devices

Enforce quarantine and centralized security visibility on offline devices


Recover Infected devices

Quick sanitization of infected devices without software installation


Inspect devices prior to shipping

Pre-shipment inspection without software installation

Securely transfer sensitive data in an air-gapped environment

Files stored in secure storage are scanned and encypted with AES-256

Protect legacy OS running devices

Protects legacy devices by system lockdown

Protect offline devices

Protects offline devices without relying on pattern files

Protect fixed function devices in a shop floor

Touch-free, industrial-grade, next-generation antivirus that doesn't impede performance

Protect low-resource devices, such as Raspberry Pi

Protects low-resource devices by optimizing low footprint

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