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Trend Micro Enterprise Security for Gateways
Superior Protection – Any Device, Anywhere

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Business managers and IT administrators cannot ignore the constant flow of bad news about cybercrime, massive breaches, and attacks on businesses, governments, and other institutions that possess high-value data. It’s now very clear — if it wasn’t before — that IT security must be a critical component of any organization’s plans, if it wants to succeed or even merely survive.

As Trend Micro confidently strides towards its third decade of creating Internet content security and threat management solutions, we are the threat defense experts with the products and services that you and your business can rely upon for protecting your organization.

Trend Micro InterScan™ Web Security is a secure web gateway that is a key part of our portfolio of industry-leading, award-winning products and services. It protects against dynamic online threats, while providing an IT department with real-time visibility and control of employee Internet usage

As a major component of Trend Micro’s Complete User Protection solution, InterScan Web Security helps protect all user web activity – any application, any device, anywhere. It also offers a trailblazing true hybrid solution with unified management across both on-premise and cloud deployment models, giving you flexibility and easily fitting into your IT strategy today and tomorrow.

What’s happening out there and online?


Employee-owned devices and web applications are increasingly common in the workplace, and have eroded the effectiveness of traditional web security solutions. This “consumerization” creates security risks, potential financial exposure, and increased operational headaches for companies.


Employees are increasingly working from wherever they are, making it more challenging to protect their web activity.


IT organizations are evolving to the cloud - meaning they require a mix of on-premise and cloud security solutions. They want centralized visibility, not separate silo solutions.

Increasing Networking Costs

More businesses are providing direct Internet access to their smaller branch offices rather than back hauling traffic through the corporate network to minimize network latency and lower costs

The Rising Sophistication and Complexity of Web Threats

  • Defending against malware attacks is the top driver in the secure web gateway market, because the Internet has become the main delivery vehicle for malware
  • Web is becoming a much more interactive environment with the introduction of HTML 5 and social applications, presenting new vulnerabilities, user confusion and opportunities for attackers
  • Malware threats are becoming more sophisticated with a growing quantity of attacks and a significant increase in targeted attacks

Features & Benefits:

Key Benefits

InterScan Web Security defends against today’s evolving web threat landscape, and provides application visibility and control to help you manage how your employees use the web and cloud-based applications. Because it is a gateway, it stops threats before they affect your network and end-users

The important benefits of InterScan Web Security are:

  • Safeguarding against everything from traditional malware to zero-day attacks and advanced malware
  • Protecting against an attacker who tries to steal specific information from an organization
  • Having one of the largest URL-reputation databases in the world, Trend Micro tracks the credibility of web domains and controls access to malicious sites
  • Providing complete control over the types of content and applications users have access to
  • Intuitively managing all users across all locations in real-time, from a single console.
  • Monitoring web use as it happens, enabling on-the-spot remediation
  • Customizable reporting, so you can focus on the information that is pertinent to your business

Key Features

  • Anti-malware
  • Advanced Threat Protection
  • Web Reputation
  • URL Filtering and Application Control
  • Data Loss Prevention
  • Management and Reporting

Superior Protection – Any Device, Anywhere

Keeping pace with the evolving threat landscape and more sophisticated attacks can be a struggle. Protecting your company’s lifeblood — information — from accidentally or intentionally being leaked by employees is another challenge. InterScan Web Security provides comprehensive protection against the full scope of web threats with anti-malware, advanced threat protection, URL filtering, and real-time web reputation.

InterScan Web Security also has the strongest advanced threat protection with zero-day exploit detection, C&C callback detection, and optional Deep Discovery integration for on-premise sandbox analysis and adaptive blacklist blocking. It features real-time protection based upon the intelligence collected by the Smart Protection Network™ - a global threat infrastructure that rapidly and accurately gathers and identifies new threats.

Additionally, InterScan Web Security offers easy-to-use data loss prevention. It is template-based and fully integrated, requiring no extra server or management console. What makes this product a cut above the rest, is that it supports mobile VPN, allowing you to enforce web security policies and protection for mobile devices; and it’s not just a point solution. InterScan Web Security is a part of a multi-layered “complete user protection” solution designed to be the most comprehensive security across multiple threat vectors.

3 Flexible Deployment Options

InterScan Web Security provides flexible deployment models, so it will fit your needs today and seamlessly evolve with them tomorrow.

  • InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance – deployed on premise, it is fully managed by you and since it is a virtual appliance it supports data center consolidation and standardization
  • InterScan Web Security as a Service – a cloud-based SaaS offering that extends security to users beyond your corporate network, including mobile, branch-office and home-based workers - all without the need to backhaul web traffic, saving you considerable networking expense. The infrastructure is fully managed by Trend Micro, and you maintain full visibility control over policy implementation and because it is in the cloud you can forget about the need to purchase, manage, or maintain software or hardware
  • InterScan Web Security as a Service Hybrid - customers can deploy both virtual appliance and SaaS offering of the above as a solution in a hybrid on-premise/SaaS model. A single, cloud-based management console lets you easily create a single set of policies for all components of the solution and manage and report on all users and components of the solution across deployment methods

Give Users The Power To Perform

InterScan Web Security balances the need for strong corporate security with users’ demands for flexibility in how they work - choosing the device, location, and applications they need to get their job done.

With the Security-as-a-Service (SaaS) option, InterScan Web Security gives you high performance, a high availability cloud with a global footprint, and points of presence close to wherever your users may be, for guaranteed uptime, and near-zero latency. It doesn’t slow down the web experience.

InterScan Web Security gives you and your users the freedom to perform without restrictions. It’s a solution that allows you to enforce acceptable web-use policies on any device so users can take advantage of them along with the web, and cloud-based applications of their choice. And you can rest assured they are more than adequately protected.

Get A True Picture Of User Web Activity

InterScan Web Security gives you a true picture of web usage patterns in your business. This is the kind of information that’s difficult to get, but vital to make informed decisions and ensure productivity in your organization. This solution helps with the visibility issue of not know your users’ activities, which can be complicated by more and more devices and applications that you don’t control.

Because you can’t manage what you can’t measure, InterScan Web Security gives you comprehensive visibility of all web activity historically and as it happens with standard and custom report creation. The interactive and customizable dashboard will give you a snapshot of the web usage and security information that is most useful to you.

Increase Your Flexibility Without Increasing Complexity

The three deployment models allow you to choose the procurement and IT management model that best meets your needs:

  • On-premise capital purchase where you fully own deployment and ongoing maintenance of the solution as part of your virtual infrastructure
  • SaaS subscription-based model with elastic capacity, where Trend Micro manages the infrastructure, freeing your resources to focus on adding value to your business
  • Hybrid model to accommodate the varying needs of different parts of your business

With the flexibly to switch between deployment models as your requirements change, InterScan Web Security will meet your evolving needs. However, this flexibility will not increase the complexity of managing your security. InterScan Web Security features a single pane of glass dashboard to manage all components of a deployment. It also gives you flexible licensing that allows you to use whatever combination of deployment models works best for you.

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