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Trend Micro Deep Security for the Data Center
Proven, efficient security for dynamic hybrid cloud environments

Deep Security
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Deep Security for the Data Center
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Stop attacks and minimize business disruptions

Deep Security delivers timely protection from attacks by leveraging the latest in global threat intelligence from the Trend Micro™ Smart Protection Network™.

  • Defend against network threats with intrusion prevention (IPS) and host firewall
  • Apply a virtual patch to vulnerable systems with intrusion prevention (IPS)
  • Keep malware, including ransomware and its variants, such as WannaCry, off of servers
  • Detect and stop suspicious or malicious system changes through system security, including application control and integrity monitoring

Simplify hybrid security deployment

Deep Security offers multiple layers of security that protect your servers as they move—across the data center, into the cloud, or in a hybrid deployment.

  • Deploy multiple security controls with a single point of management and reporting
  • Rapid discovery and protection of workloads through API-level integration with VMware, AWS, and Azure
  • Manage workloads based on your application architecture, not based where the servers are deployed
  • Central reporting across environments for streamlined compliance with GDPR and other key regulations

Apply security that fits your enterprise

In today’s data center, you need to think about where your systems live, what’s on them, and how to protect them. Simplify security with:

  • Vulnerability protection for hundreds of applications and operating systems, including end-of-support systems
  • Support for key enterprise applications, including SAP
  • Streamlined operations through integration with VMware vRealize and leading SIEMs, including IBM Qradar, HP Arcsight, Splunk and more

Future-proof your data center security investment

Take advantage of our advanced proven support for VMware deployments. And with our integrated approach to cloud security, Deep Security is also ready for your projects in AWS, Azure, and other cloud providers.

  • Automated deployment, discovery, and management across the hybrid cloud
  • Reduced risk with automatic application of security policies and controls based on context
  • Optimized for strategic platforms, including VMware, AWS, and Azure

Key Features:

Optimized for key environments

Server security for physical, virtual, and cloud deployments should perform in a way that fits each environment efficiently and consistently. Trend Micro protects your servers without slowing you down.

  • Optimized for leading environments: VMware, Microsoft® Azure, and Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Seamless support for the latest data center technologies, including VMware NSX
  • Increased visibility and speed of response to sophisticated attacks through a Connected Threat Defense

Advanced server security

The next big vulnerability is never far away. Trend Micro™ Deep Security™ can instantly “virtually patch” server, virtual desktop (VDI), and application vulnerabilities, stopping attackers from gaining a foothold in your data center.

  • Defends against the latest threats, including ransomware and its variants
  • Removes the need for emergency patching
  • Protects end-of-life systems

Integrated security accelerates compliance

Trend Micro helps to accelerate compliance by consolidating multiple security controls into one product, while also delivering comprehensive auditing and reporting. And with built-in protection for end-of-support systems, such as Windows Server 2003, you don’t have to worry about expensive custom support or migration before you are ready.

  • NIST 800-53

Simplified server security across hybrid environments

Virtualization of servers and desktops is the de facto standard for modern data centers. Simplify security policy and infrastructure management across the hybrid cloud with advanced security controls that are managed through a single dashboard for all environments.

  • Physical
  • Virtual servers and desktops (VDI)
  • Cloud and multi-cloud
  • Hybrid