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Trend Micro Deep Discovery Email Inspector
Stop targeted email attacks that can lead to data breaches or ransomware

Deep Discovery Email Inspector
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Trend Micro Products
Deep Discovery Email Inspector
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Detect and block targeted ransomware

Over 90% of targeted ransomware attacks start with a spear phishing attack. As a hardware appliance, Deep Discovery Email Inspector is deployed inline of message delivery and blocks these messages. It analyzes known and unknown patterns and reputation analysis to detect the latest ransomware variants, such as WannaCry, and targeted attacks.

Prevent data breaches

Deep Discovery Email Inspector is designed to quickly detect advanced malware that usually bypasses traditional security defenses and exfiltrate sensitive data and intellectual property. Machine learning, specialized detection engines, and custom sandbox analysis detect and prevent breaches.

Gain visibility

Deep Discovery Email Inspector gives you 360 degrees of visibility into targeted attacks on your email. Centralized visibility and control provided by Control manager which allows you to share threat information with other in place security investments. Control Manager allows you to share threat information with other in-place security investments.

Reduce costs

Using Deep Discovery Email Inspector, organizations can dramatically reduce the time required to remediate and prevent targeted ransomware attacks. A single appliance that can block suspicious email and share threat information can also provide sandboxing to optimize incident response.


Ransomware detection and blocking

In seconds, advanced ransomware encrypts a system, and since email is the tactic of choice to deliver ransomware, it must be blocked before it’s delivered. Trend Micro™ Deep Discovery™ Email Inspector detects and blocks ransomware spear phishing emails through advanced analysis techniques for known and unknown attacks. Custom sandboxing detects mass file modifications, encryption behavior, and modification to backup processes.

Extensive detection techniques

Deep Discovery Email Inspector deploys XGen™ security, a blend of cross-generational techniques to ensure the highest detection rate with the lowest false positives:

  • Web filtering and URL time-of-click analysis
  • Predictive machine learning quickly identifies unknown malware
  • Custom sandbox analysis features extensive anti-evasion technologies, behavioral analysis, and machine learning- based command-and-control (C&C) detection
  • Optional Gateway Module adds spam and content filtering

Custom sandboxing

Custom sandboxes use virtual images to match operating system configurations, drivers, installed applications, and language versions. Difficult for hackers to evade, they include a “safe live mode” to analyze multi-stage downloads, URLs, C&C, and more. They identify ransomware activity, like mass encryption, backup modification, and encryption behavior. Deep Discovery Email Inspector uses runtime machine learning inside the sandbox to enhance detection capabilities.

Optimized and connected

  • Centralized visibility and control is delivered through Trend Micro Control Manager with prioritized alerting by severity or host
  • Threat sharing with Trend Micro and other in-place security investments
  • Integration with SIEMs, like HP Arcsight, IBM QRadar, and Splunk


  Model 7100 Model 9100
Deployment Options
Capacity Up to 400,000 emails/day Up to 800,000 emails/day
Form Factor
1U Rack-Mount, 48.26 cm (19”) 2U Rack-Mount, 48.26 cm (19”)
Dimensions 43.4 (17.09”) x 64.2 (25.28”) x 4.28 (1.69”) cm 43.4 (17.09”) x 75.58 (29.75”) x 8.73 (3.43”) cm
Weight 19.9 Kg (43.87 lbs) 31.5 Kg (69.45 lb)
Management Ports
10/100/1000 BASE-T RJ45
Port x 1
iDRAC Enterprise RD45 x 1
10/100/1000 BASE-T RJ45
Port x 1
iDRAC Enterprise RD45 x 1
Data Ports
10/100/1000 BASE-T RJ45 x 3 110/100/1000 BASE-T RJ45 x 3
AC Input Voltage
100 to 240 VAC
100 to 240 VAC
AC Input Current
7.4A to 3.7A
10A to 5A
Hard Drives
2 x 600 GB 2.5 inch SAS 2 x 4 TB 3.5 inch SATA
Internet Protocol Support IPv4 / IPv6 IPv4 / IPv6
RAID Configuration
Power Supply
550W Redundant
750W Redundant
Power Consumption (Max.)
847W (Max.)
2133 BTU/hr (Max.)
2891 BTU/hr (Max.)
Operating Temperature 10-35 °C (50-95 °F)
10-35 °C (50-95 °F)
Hardware Warranty
3 Years
3 Years
Optional Fiber NIC
Dual Port Fiber Gigabit (SX/LX) Dual Port Fiber Gigabit (SX/LX)