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Trend Micro Apex Central (Control Manager)
Centralized Visibility and Policy Management for Data and Threat Protection

Trend Micro Control Manager

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Centralized Visibility and Investigation - Lower the burden on IT and improve your security posture


Improve visibility and protection

Centralized security management will help you bridge the IT silos that often separate layers of protection and deployment models. This type of connected, centralized approach improves visibility and protection, reduces complexity, and eliminates redundant and repetitive tasks in security administration—all of which make your organization more secure and your life easier.

Lower the burden on IT

Lower security management costs by saving time and reducing IT workload.

  • No more console hopping—configure policies from a central console for multiple layers of security.
  • Gain a holistic view of your security posture with continuous monitoring and centralized visibility.
  • Consistent policy enforcement with a single console to configure and manage threat and data protection across multiple security layers.
  • Easy integration with your security operations center (SOC).

Eliminate security gaps

Reduce risk by ensuring consistent security policies.

  • A single console to configure and manage threat and data protection across multiple Trend Micro security layers: User Protection, Hybrid Cloud Security and Network Defense.
  • Visual timelines allow you to see patterns of threat activities for users across all their devices, and within organizational groups.

Faster time to protection

The automatic sharing of threat intelligence, reduces the need for IT intervention, and adapts your security posture more quickly.

  • Connected Threat Defense enables the sharing of real-time threat intelligence with all security. layers, so that if one layer uncovers a new threat, the other layers can protect against it.
  • Simple threat investigation tools enable you to look back in time to identify where a threat has spread and the full context and extent of an attack.

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